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CRT versus LCD: A pilot study on visual performance and suitability of two display technologies for use in office work
Auteur: Jean LORENCEAU /  PICNIC - Evaluation physiologique chez les sujets sains et atteints de troubles cognitifs (UMRS 1127 UMR 7225 CNRS)

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Cathode ray tube (CRT), Liquid crystal display (LCD), Visual performance, écran

Format : Acrobate Reader (pdf)
Article scientifique
Revue : Displays 20 (1999) 3 – 10
Auteurs : Marino Menozzi*, Urs Na¨ pflin, Helmut Krueger

Cathode ray tube (CRT) display and liquid crystal display (LCD) were compared for their suitability in visual tasks. For this purpose visual
performance was assessed by means of a search task carried out using both displays with different levels of ambient light. In addition,
suitability was rated subjectively by users of visual display units (VDUs). Error frequency for search tasks carried out using LCD were
significantly smaller when compared to error frequency for tasks at CRT. LCD gave rise to 34% less errors than did CRT. Reaction time in
search task was found to be significantly shorter using LCD when tasks were carried out in darkness. Subjective rated suitability of LCD was
scored twice as high as suitability of CRT. Results indicate that LCD used in this experiment may give better viewing conditions in
comparison to CRT display. 􏰀 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Cathode ray tube (CRT); Liquid crystal display (LCD); Visual performance

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